Playground for the Soul.

Planet Earth is a great playground for the Soul. It can be so much fun to be here when we focus in the right direction! We can be anything we want to be. All possibilities are available in the mind’s eye. How exciting is that!!! Everything around us we create with thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Where we focus our energy, there something will grow and blossom. Sometimes we find it’s not so easy to live our dream life as old programs are still in the way. Recognition of them is like switching on a light in a dark room. For many years I have been aware of an interesting childhood pattern, and as I begin to develop more acceptance with that, it becomes lighter and lighter. I always used to fight against it so much and gave myself so much pressure to always be the best version of myself that it caused even more stress and even more effort to be me, which is rather ridiculous, as we can’t try hard to be ourselves as being our authentic true nature takes no effort whatsoever! Our Universe often has a cheeky and mysterious way of working and recently this old program of mine reappeared in an unusual way like an echo. Honestly, I was surprised. I realised that part of my energetic structure vibrates in a specific way to recreate the trigger until I finally get the lesson. What is this lesson? In meditation I saw that I need to accept things as they are more often, rather than forever trying to fix or improve them. I need to step out from the Karpman drama triangle of rescuing people and allow everyone be the way they are, making their own mistakes/learning experiences. I have to learn to surrender and set myself free from anything which holds me back in a destructive pattern. No more energy to that! I learn to honour everyone’s choice even if my heart strongly believes it’s a mind trap or prison. Love, acceptance and gratitude is my path.
May our eyes see Divine Love and Light in ourselves, in every being and in every situation. May we recognise perfection in all forms as they are. May we always be grateful for all Love that the Divine offers us in every single moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love in all directions.❤️

Yoga group classes in Portals.
Monday 18.00 – 19.30
Wednesday 18.00 -20.00
Friday 9.00 -11.00

Available for private classes

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