When I fail and fail again, I often remember the extraordinary David Goggings and harness his never give up attitude to help me succeed in the end. In this world of distractions and gratifications the mind can become very weak and soft, making any difficulties which confront us appear bigger than we are, so creating … Continue reading Intention

Authentic happiness!

Authentic happiness! It's an unsettling sensation when the mind believes something is lacking. We then find ourselves searching for external information, things, people, events to fill up the perceived void. Society and certain businesses support and exploit the concept that happiness will be ours once we get the latest version of i phone for example. … Continue reading Authentic happiness!

My holiday gift

The Czech Republic feels like a land of fairy tales, castles, healing water and an abundance of flowers in every corner. Love and romanticism soar in the air. Yet with all this stunning beauty around, I felt a kind of heaviness in my whole being as I started to miss the sparkling light energy and … Continue reading My holiday gift

We are creatures of habit. Apparently a surprising amount of daily life is dominated by robotic unconscious habits. Without sufficient awareness and conscious intervention these patterns tend to be reinforced over and over again. Repeating negatively established belief patterns and habits from childhood may attract relationships or other situations in life which perpetuate a negative … Continue reading

Emotional fire!

Buddha statues all over the world give the impression that yoga and meditation will bring a sweet smile of tranquility. The inconvenient reality is that inner peace isn't always easy to achieve as long as unresolved negativity like frustration and anger continue to bubble up to the surface. Some people welcome this challenge while others … Continue reading Emotional fire!