We are creatures of habit. Apparently a surprising amount of daily life is dominated by robotic unconscious habits. Without sufficient awareness and conscious intervention these patterns tend to be reinforced over and over again. Repeating negatively established belief patterns and habits from childhood may attract relationships or other situations in life which perpetuate a negative … Continue reading

Emotional fire!

Buddha statues all over the world give the impression that yoga and meditation will bring a sweet smile of tranquility. The inconvenient reality is that inner peace isn't always easy to achieve as long as unresolved negativity like frustration and anger continue to bubble up to the surface. Some people welcome this challenge while others … Continue reading Emotional fire!

Diving deeper!

  Yoga is a practice of body, mind, emotional and spiritual integration. It goes beyond muscles, bones and ligaments. It’s not an ego game or some fancy stretching or even fun exercise. It's about the oneness of body and Soul. Breath is the transient and the most important part of the practice. During yoga practice … Continue reading Diving deeper!


Perfectionism can become a stick with which we might then use to beat ourselves up to block the doorway of our dreams. It’s unhelpful and unkind to our Soul when this happens. The truth is we are constantly progressing (even if it's two steps forward one step back) and becoming better and better in what … Continue reading Perfect

Broken Heart

Broken hearts seems to be part of life. I remember my first broken heart when I was 18. The perfect romantic world which I had constructed in my mind's eye was suddenly destroyed. All at once I found myself with shallow breath, standing on the ruins of my perceived idealism. I was frozen for a … Continue reading Broken Heart