Listen to your body!

Listen to your body. I believe you first need to know your body to genuinely hear it.Your body can crave something sweet maybe not because it's a real biochemical need, but maybe because you are missing a certain type of protein, or maybe there is an emotional lack of sensing the sweetness of life within … Continue reading Listen to your body!


When I fail and fail again, I often remember the extraordinary David Goggings and harness his never give up attitude to help me succeed in the end. In this world of distractions and gratifications the mind can become very weak and soft, making any difficulties which confront us appear bigger than we are, so creating … Continue reading Intention

Time to wake up!

It's time to wake up and remember the Divine force within. It's time to remember how beautiful, creative and glorious we are! (All our gifts exist within). It's time to reinforce kindness, compassion, beauty, love for ourselves and for others. It's time to stop giving our power away to the external world and remember the … Continue reading Time to wake up!