Our body is a vibrational field unified in the circle of Light.Recently with everything that's going on in the world, many of us felt and maybe still feel heaviness and less energy from the informational field. Some of us froze a little as it seemed as if all life was on hold.Our body is full … Continue reading

There are a million reasons to be grateful. The world is loving us and smiling at us all the time. We are never alone with so much protection and loving support around us from Angels, ancestors and maybe other helpers too. Our life is constant proof of this. We were born without anything and yet … Continue reading

Choose yourself!

Life is full of possibilities and choices. We are constantly and carefully choosing things like cars, houses, clothes. We ask ourselves what will make us happy and then in theory we allow ourselves to have whatever that is, although sometimes, for different reasons we deny ourselves. We are constantly creating our own reality. These days … Continue reading Choose yourself!