Living from the Heart part 2

For the second day I chose Milano instead of Verona because I just had to see the beauty of Duomo with my own eyes. Duomo took 6 centuries to build! Milano greeted me with bright sunshine despite Google promising rain and thunder. I was also greeted with warm smiles, kindness, skyscrapers and an aura of success, lavishness and abundance celebrating all the glory of life. There are two categories of people in Milano – the fashionable and the not so fashionable. Those born in Milano dress like they are in a fashion show, with men wearing elegant suits and women wearing designer clothes, impressively tall high heels and sporting in vogue bags. The other category of people are basically the tourists who tend to wear t-shirts and shorts with comfortable rather than stylish shoes. Passing through the galleries exhibiting the creations of the most powerful designers on this planet – Prada, Georgio Armani, Dior, Tiffany etc. I felt the pulsating energy and Soul behind these stunning collections which must have been channelled straight from our Divine Source itself. 

The most excited, inspired, entertaining and knowledgable guide in Italy with his bright yellow umbrella and matching clothes greeted me and another 30 people with exciting loud music and Italian dancing. He was like an unreasonably fashionable lieutenant leading his platoon through the busy streets of Milano, cheering each successful crossing of the wide roads with a dance of glory and sharing story after story, joke after joke, surprising us with facts for 3 hours. His energy was epic! It’s really time for Google to be upgraded to match the qualities of Marco the triumphant guide. The tour finished with Marco’s solo concert to the Virgin Mary, ending with our rapturous applause! By the way, Italians always sing when they happy, unhappy, cooking, working or guiding cultural tours. Milan appears to me as a city of inspiration and empowerment, with its glorious beauty having twice been destroyed completely and twice raised up again like a phoenix from the ashes as a brighter, stronger, richer city.

Bella Italia, thank you for your enormous loving heart – I melt in your love, beauty, joy and glory. I soak up the Italian secret of living the dolce vita gloriously, profoundly, happily, playfully and living every moment. Mille grazie, mi Amore, Bellissima Italia. As always – ci vediamo presto!

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