Latvia met me with +5 degrees, rain, hot tea, the beauty of the people's heart and an awareness of egregore, the energy field of collective consciousness. As my plans to visit castles and palaces evaporated with the uninspiring weather and Covid 19 restrictions, my focus went even deeper into connections with family and friends. Spending … Continue reading Egregor

Choose yourself!

Life is full of possibilities and choices. We are constantly and carefully choosing things like cars, houses, clothes. We ask ourselves what will make us happy and then in theory we allow ourselves to have whatever that is, although sometimes, for different reasons we deny ourselves. We are constantly creating our own reality. These days … Continue reading Choose yourself!

Love and Beauty

Divine Universal Love is naturally everywhere. It's in every kiss of each sunrise, in the scent of flowers, in the healing ocean waves, in the dancing wind and in human and animal touch. The more our heart is in contact with the Divine, the more we can appreciate life's wonders. When we listen, speak and … Continue reading Love and Beauty

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself! After many weeks in quarantine I have now touched on the bright side of this, which is plenty of time for studies. The shining light of knowledge makes everything sane, bright and hopeful. This feels like an opportunity to work on ourselves a little bit, retrieving our inner power and restructuring out … Continue reading Invest in yourself