Colourful day

For me a colourful day always starts with a purposeful connection with Source. I believe there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is the way of the heart. The beauty of each glorious morning makes it easy to connect with the Divine Source of Love and Light. It reminds me of the Divine plan in which everyone has an important role. Every time I feel like I need help I go to the nearest temple, church or roof terrace (lucky for me I have one of those available) towards the stars to sit in silence, feeling the waves of Divine presence, allowing all my troubles to fade away in the White Light. Doing this helped me pass several intense exams for my second yoga teacher training in 2017. One simple mini mistake which in western examination protocol might be forgivable, in Mysore it’s definitely a clear sign to redo the whole damn thing again until perfection. Learning the notes from left to right, backwards and forwards, eventually I understood the only thing I wanted to do was to burn them all. So I decided to study my notes in the Shiva Temple. If you have been in India you know my idea was naive! Even though I was up early with the rising the sun, there were kids, families and cows all around me. I took it as sign just to let go of the studying plan. Then a priest appeared. After the usual interview in which I say where I am from and what I am doing here, he gave me his blessings and prasad. The love and beauty of the moment was magic and purifying tears of the Soul fell from my eyes onto my cheeks. Time ran out for reviewing my notes and the exam time arrived. I was astonished to hear our teacher Vinay Kumar say that he believed in our knowledge and skills after so many exams already and that further exams would not be required. On top of that he was offering us his blessings and gratitude for our dedication and commitment. If we can just have more faith that everything is working out one way or another in the best way possible. Everything is in a dynamic constant change and ultimately all will be resolved. Gratitude and blessings to all, love, Angela

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