Blue moon letting go party!

Today is the day when there is a full moon – Uranus conjunction. Uranus is the planet of rebellion! It’s also about sudden unexpected events or inspirations. It’s a powerful energy for most of us, so we should use it wisely by focusing on letting go off negative thoughts (writing them down and burning them in a safe place). We can free ourselves of bad habits by giving them to the Divine Light. Goodbye and thank you to people who are toxic for us as we open our wings and trust the unknown. Cleaning out outdated material stuff, we become aware of just how much it may have been consuming our energy. Simply listening to the heart and not overthinking about who gave it to us, how much it cost or how useful it could be in the future etc. If anything is not serving us anymore, then it’s time to say adieu. Maybe someone else might really need it or maybe it’s just fit for the rubbish. It’s liberating to let go of stuff! What are we waiting for?! We should also remember that angels can lift us up when our wings are down. The more we can let go of old stuff, the more space we create for something which really makes the Soul sour like an eagle! The mantra for today is – I am enough. I have enough. I do enough. Love to all.

Yoga for intermediate/advanced practitioners.Monday, Wednesday 18.30-20.30; Friday 10.00-12.00, Portals Nous.

Monday: Pranayama, hanumanasana, samakonasana, handstands, vinyasa, yogadandasana, padmasana, finishing asanas, meditation.

Wednesday: Pranayama, backbending , vinyasa, finishing asanas, meditation.

Friday: Pranayama, hanumanasana, samakonasana, vinyasa, baddna konasana, eka pada rajakapotasana, finishing asanas, meditation.

Happily looking forward to seeing you!

Special offer for student pass holders only in November, Es Capdella – SCIO session (2 hours of scanning, reading and correcting unbalanced frequencies in the physical, mental and emotional bodies) 65 euro instead of 85 euro.Photo credit

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