Autumn outside, spring inside!

We all have varying degrees of 50 or more types of pleasure in this world. Some of these pleasures last seconds, some days and some feel like the deepest sense of constant joyful inner peace. The satisfaction of momentary pleasures like a favourite cake or a glass of wine tend to fade as we allow the impulses of our deepest self to engage with more profound experiences. Yoga is a great way to fulfil these aspirations. And done in the right way, all physical activity can help rebalance brain activity while restoring the authentic self. For example,  yoga practice releases a dopamine response which can last up to 2 days! Of course remember that kisses and hugs are totally free drugs which make us joyful beyond the Sky! The only challenge with dopamine is that it might never be enough and then we addictively pursue one aventure/drama after another. The deepest pleasure is associated with oxytocin and our sense of belonging in a family/community/society. We don’t necessarily need to do anything spectacular like building a space ship or translating the Bhagavad Gita! We just need to feel like we are in some way making a difference for the benefit of all. For me, researching, practicing and teaching yoga brings spring on the inside, even if it’s autumn outside. 

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