The most important day is Today!

62532142_10218773372115984_923381087755829248_n.jpgThe most important day of my life is today! Nothing stays the same forever and things can change in an instant. We all instinctively know this, but sometimes we might prefer to ignore it. The Buddhist view is that we are all dying at various speeds. It seems that the acknowledgement of impermanence brings more focus to the present moment. We then tend to live life more fully, spending less precious time on bullshit. By reminding ourselves that we are just passing through, we would start loving and kissing and hugging more as if there is no tomorrow! We would develop more gratitude and have less greed for what we don’t have. We would give more energy on evolving rather than remaining stuck in our decaying bodies. We would recognise distractions before they own us!! We would say no to anything which doesn’t resonate with love and joy! We would live each day with maximum possible Love and Joy in the heart as if it’s the only day that exists!

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