We are creatures of habit. Apparently a surprising amount of daily life is dominated by robotic unconscious habits. Without sufficient awareness and conscious intervention these patterns tend to be reinforced over and over again. Repeating negatively established belief patterns and habits from childhood may attract relationships or other situations in life which perpetuate a negative unhealthy agenda. The frequency we resonate at determines the quality of life experience. If we are not enjoying the experience of life then we need to resonate at another frequency which attracts more joy. Obviously the ability to arrive at a higher frequency is dependent on the degree of pain and damage endured in childhood and or later in life. Acknowledging habit patterns which inhibit the best aspects of ourselves from shining brightly is an important step towards self-improvement and self-healing. As we begin to take responsibility for our habits and recgnise the diversionary tactics we often use to avoid pain or other inconvenient truths located in our inner world, we stimulate the emergence of a more complete sensory organism, less bound by unconscious limitations. Yoga is a journey of self-awareness which can shine Light on protective personality structures which may be in conflict with the core of our being. Facing the truth of all the unconscious ‘stuff’ operating within can be a major challenge and frankly needs guts and courage. Giving up our yoga practice is often a reflection of daily life where we give up on ourselves. Commitment to Yoga practice along with anything else which supports our highest frequencies, resonates out into life experience, dissolving fear and associated uprightness of the mind’s programmed expectations. Breathe in faith and trust, exhale fear and control! Life loves and supports us!


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