Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself! After many weeks in quarantine I have now touched on the bright side of this, which is plenty of time for studies. The shining light of knowledge makes everything sane, bright and hopeful. This feels like an opportunity to work on ourselves a little bit, retrieving our inner power and restructuring out … Continue reading Invest in yourself


Pain. I don’t like pain. Actually I would usually run away from it! I would watch a movie, eat a whole vegan menu in a restaurant, go shopping, change country if necessary ( yes I have done that 3 times already! ), tell myself a different version of the actual Truth and do all kinds … Continue reading Pain

As the years go by, life continually reminds me that yoga is an awesome blessing. It's a journey of gradual rediscovery and reconstruction of the self. As layers of resistance peel away, I feel like a snake shedding its skin over and over again. I remind myself to focus on the process of yoga practice … Continue reading