The journey of fasting

Most of us love to live in synchronicity with the energies of the Universe. On Tuesday 18.04 I woke up feeling the sun eclipse coming. On Thursday 20.04 the eclipse arrived with Pluto (the planet of death and rebirth) being involved in this powerful alignment. I decided to honour and celebrate this event. A similar alignment occurred in 2004. I remember this year very well as it was the year of my new life. Thank you Pluto . I decided to prepare for this magic day not only with my daily rituals but also with fruit fasting. I started by negotiating with my mind saying let’s fast for 24 hours, then extend it into 48 hours. Today I’m now 5 days into this. My morning starts with about 2 litres of warm lemon and ginger water, followed by mantras, yoga, pranayama. 2 to 3 hours later I drink at least 1/2 a litre of celery juice. 2 hours after that I have a banana, orange, ginger and coriander smoothie. For dinner I have a perfectly balanced juice made from 4 celery sticks, 1 cucumber and 2 apples. It’s a transformational beautiful journey as I observe not only my physical body feeling lighter but also I feel supercharged in my energetic body and my mind feels more and more clear. Toxicity seems to be draining away and I feel more freedom and peace.  I am very thrilled to feel closer to myself, my Soul, Creator, life and all beings. Life is so beautiful and colourful and I would love to share that with you. Join me for yoga classes in Portals or online

Thank you for your love and trust🙏


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