I love to sit in silence first thing every morning. I use tibetan bells to start and finish my meditation. The birds loudly celebrate the dawn as I witness the glory of this majestic life. It feels like an essential sacred meeting with myself. I always end up smiling and feeling grateful for waking up and for my beautifully graceful and healthy body, for my creative mind and for just being here. Sometimes the weather isn’t great, but the sun is always there behind the clouds. I believe the same thing happens to all beings. We are all Divine Love and light, but sometimes we forget that and our ego covers the Divine with grey clouds. We can also forget that we generate love, joy, happiness, abundance, peace and freedom so we start looking for these feelings outside of ourselves. For example, sometimes money can be used as a substitute for lost feelings – that sense of lack. Of course in reality money is just a concept which is used as an energy exchange in the physical world – a practical thing, but nothing more. Everything we look for on the outside we can generate from the inside. The more we act to generate gratitude, love, acceptance, peace and light, the more wonderful the world will be around us. These high vibrations defeat lower vibrations like fear, anger and disease. Together we can raise our vibrations by practicing meditation, yoga and participate in the highest good which is available for humanity.

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