Guru is within.

We are our own guru. Let’s pause, inhale and switch the brain frequencies to open the connection with all aspects of our being – heart, soul, higher self, the I AM presence. We are uniquely qualified to know what makes us truly fulfilled and happy, but if we aren’t awake to ourselves we forget to pause and check if we are still on the path of the soul. Do we know who we really are? Have we ever truly met the most important person in our life – ourself. Are we really making persistent steps towards our dreams on a daily basis or do we give up too easily? Through yoga, pranayama and meditation, the layers of influence from society, from ancestors and culture begin to fade as the realisation of the self starts to shine. Yoga is a path of liberation from the limiting matrix of beliefs and thought patterns which we unconsciously allow to run our life. Yoga helps us break free of these unconscious habitual patterns so we can steer our life more consciously. By reminding ourselves that we have the power to manifest our ideal life we can make sure we are doing all we can to create that perfect life.

Together we can become stronger, more flexible, healthier and awake. We can create a reality where gratitude, love, kindness, abundance and heart to heart connections reign.

Join me for yoga on Monday 18.00- 19.30, Wednesday 18.00-20.00, Friday 9.30 – 11.00. Looking forward to practice together❤️❤️❤️

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