The most important thing in our life.

When people are asked what the most important thing in their life is, most say it’s their family, their financial security, a sunny climate and so on. The reality is, the breath is more important, because without oxygen we die pretty quickly. Permanent brain damage begins after only 4 minutes without oxygen, and death can occur 4 to 6 minutes later. Breath is our free food, thanks to the Universe. Unfortunately not all of us recognise how important full breathing is, and there is a tendency to shallow breathe which starves the physical and energetic bodies. Every single cell of the body needs to be properly nourished with full breathing. Pranayama/breathwork is more than a way to provide nourishment for the cells; it actually stimulates our innate self-healing energy. By tuning in to the breathing, physical and/or emotional pain can change. Increased awareness of the breath increases our sense of aliveness as we fully engage with our feelings which are so often suppressed by the habitual defence mechanisms perpetuated by the busy mind. Along with the oxygen we breathe in, we inhale love and light. When we feel the totality of the breath, we connect with the cosmos. The quality of the breath directly influences our state of mind and our personality. By holding the breath (Kumbhaka) we hold the Divine essence within. Practicing daily pranayama burns karma and dusty old neurological patterns are replaced with new ones based on love, gratitude and abundance.

Practice with me and sign up for the course ‘Fundamentals of Yoga’ to help you remember the true nature of the breath!

Yoga schedule Monday 18.00 -19.30, Wednesday 18.00 -20.00, Friday 9.30 -11.00🥰

There is no class on 31 th of March. Thank you

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