Yoga is a complete philosophy of life!

Yoga is a complete philosophy of life.

The philosophy of yoga is equally as important as the asanas. Practicing yoga with prayer and meditation raises the vibration and cleans the consciousness. Using ujjayi breath with a hissing sound and hearing the sound So on inhalation and Hum on exhalation takes us to a different state of being. We repeat So Hum (I am that) during the whole practice. I am not just my body, nor the mind, I am pure consciousness which always exists and will continue exist. Nothing can change that. In life we are tested with events which bring up our own fears and demons, but through the awareness of the breath, accumulated karma can be destroyed and new neurological patterns established which are based on love, gratitude, kindness and abundance. We can only change the world when we change ourselves. We can’t love the world if we don’t love ourselves. Yoga is a self-love and self-healing discipline. When we discipline ourselves we become free and the masters of own lives, if not then we sadly live someone else’s life. Knowing ourselves through critical self-inquiry is a fundamental necessity to be able to build our ideal world.

The course ‘Foundation of Yoga’ will start soon. Please subscribe.

Yoga classes

Monday 18.00 – 19.30

Wednesday 18.00-20.00

Friday 9.30 – 11.00

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