Strong reasons to practice yoga!

When I first became aware of yoga, it was not love at first sight. It took a few attempts plus the right teacher for my Soul to fall in love completely. It was such a full on romantic relationship that I didn’t really think about particular benefits. Now, after 15 years of practice I’m aware of strong reasons to be a Yogi!

Reason 1 – The high vibrations of joy and love. I am officially addicted to these feelings! Obviously here on earth we sometimes experience the shadows of these vibrations, but no matter what, after practicing yoga I always feel an inner smile expressing an almost unreasonable enthusiasm as I embrace the whole world. Science would simply say my dopamine levels are off the charts! Yoga is a moving prayer, twisting and stretching body and mind to squeeze out stuffy old energies and invite Divine light in. The expanding heart brings ín unconditional love to sort out any negative mind games we tend to play.

Reason 2 – Mastering the jumpy monkey mind. It’s not an easy one and it can take years or a lifetime, but it sure is important! When the mind is as still as a lake, we see everything clearly. When we are in charge of our mind we can be anyone we want and create anything we want.

Reason 3 – Health. Practicing yoga with full awareness of the breath and bandhas the body becomes strong and flexible, purified with oxygen and inner heat. Pathogens like viruses and bacteria have little chance to survive in this environment. Flexibility is supported by strength and strength is balanced by flexibility.

Reason 4 – Loving All.

Practicing yoga is a practice of honouring the body, mind and self as a sacred creation of the Divine and simultaneously recognising that we are all sacred creations. Any limitations and boundaries we experience are merely illusions (thank you monkey mind). We begin to perceive everyone as the Divine perceives all of us, from the place of Unconditional Love and Compassion. “One is all and all is one” becomes real.

Practice with me!

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