Dreams to Reality in 5 steps!

Dreams to reality in 5 steps

Step 1 – Acceptance

We have colluded in the creation of where we find ourselves right now with our thought patterns, feelings, inherited frequencies. Now our Soul needs to grow through this, so we would be wise to embrace it as soon a possible.

Step 2 – Gratitude

Yes, it’s not easy to find gratitude when we are in pain or life is upside down, but it’s the way towards the Light. There is always goodness around, and the goal is to find it. In 2013 my email was hacked while I was in India. It wasn’t a nice feeling to have my identity stolen and all my loving students and friends received spam emails asking for money. Fortunately my identity was re-established quite quickly and as a side benefit it was a gift to discover how much love I have around me. I received so many calls and messages even from unexpected people – so thank you, thank you.

Step 3 – Change frequency

Clean up the mind, body, environment and raise the vibration. Feeling resentment, anger and hate is like drinking poison on a daily basis, depleting our energy and health. It’s time to shake out all the stuck garbage from our shoulders, mind, environment. Recognise what gives energy and what takes it away. The state of our home environment is an extension of our frequency, with redundant stuff quietly sucking up our energy. Giving it all away has a very positive effect on us. Keeping the things we love and use keeps us positive. Practice yoga. Yoga is a moving meditation which helps to remove obstacles which cloud our consciousness and opens us to receive and give freely from a big open heart.

Step 4 – Clarity

Clarify what our unique life goals are. Identify and break free from any unconscious adoption of expectations and norms of parents and society.

Would having 50 million euros or more mean we would choose to live in another country? Would we still work in any way? Who would we want to hang out with? Would we want to create a phenomenal project?

Writng everything down helps us clarify and focus things for us and for the always listening and providing Universe.

Step 5 – The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step!

Taking small steps every day towards our goals and monitoring our progress without any bamboo perfectionist stick is an art and a discipline which is easier to achieve when we come from the heart and enjoy the journey. Once we commit 100 percent to our dreams, then all is possible!

Practice yoga with me. Offline/ Online group and private classes. Thank you

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