Stay with the Light

Apart from the many divisive factors that exist in our world right now, we are also living in a glorious time full of opportunities. We can blossom and create great things for ourselves and humanity when we don’t waste precious time and energy on reliving old traumas, programmes, heavy inherited stuff. The old traumas keep coming back because they still need to be acknowledged and healed. In our busy mind, there isn’t much space left to even be aware of their full nature and they repeatedly walk all over us, causing us to go around in circles. Have you noticed that? When depression, illness or accidents appear, it’s already a heavy message from the Soul to show us that we are on the wrong path and it’s time to shift focus and direction. My question is, why should we allow ourselves to get so out of touch with ourselves to force that Soul message to trigger, when we can immediately plan to get the most out of every single day and ride the waves of life? Yoga, self awareness, Rolfing ( book now! ), meditation help us be in the centre of our heart and Soul. In my early yoga practice something was bothering me and with curiosity I stepped on my yoga mat to see how long these feelings would survive. It literally took a couple of minutes to forget these negative impulses, and by the time the practice was finished, my energetic structure was completely restored. I finished my practice with a huge smile and a feeling of empowerment, totally in charge of my thoughts, feelings and emotions!!!

A 5 step recipe to switch from darkness to light:

Step 1 – I fully acknowledge this and let it be. Negative things do happen in life.

Step 2 – Am I coming from a place of wisdom or ingrained habit when I ask myself if I can and should do something about this?

Step 3 – I focus on completely breathing into this, being in it.

Step 4 – What can I learn here?

Step 5 – Reaffirm: “I dedicate myself to Yoga practice! I keep practicing to bring more growth and awareness. I know it can take years to master myself and I have a lifetime to get there, but obviously the sooner the better!”

Let me know if this recipe works for you.

Yoga classes are available online or in person on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Private classes are also available to suit you. Thank you ❤️

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