Living from the Heart. Part 1

❤️Once a year I go to honour my mum and receive blessings in the land where my Soul chose to be born – Latvia. This year I decided to pass through Bella Italia – the country my Heart loves so profoundly it can’t stop bouncing for joy.

So my flight landed in Bergamo, which is a little Unesco heritage town that has everything I love: castles, churches, ancient romantic Romeo and Juliette style balconies, palazzos and the general spirit of medieval times.

The guide of Bergamo was describing italian food, lifestyle and football with more enthusiasm than when describing ancient medieval buildings, so I asked how the heck does everyone stay so slim with their extraordinary spettacolare food? The logical minded guide Matteo answered me with a question, asking how many times in a week do I eat pasta? I looked at him with innocent eyes and said that I really don’t eat pasta. The horror on his face made him unrecognisable as he looked at me like I was from another planet and even stopped walking for a moment to ask how I could possibly survive without pasta? Then he insisted that I should eat all pasta like there is no tomorrow and especially important apparently is gelado pistachio with salt as it is ‘bellissimo sentimento’. Also I should eat these delicacies in at least 5 restaurants to appreciate the subtle differences. It was very obvious from this very Italian guide that there is no dieting during Italian holidays and he finished our tour by circling in bright red the restaurants and cafes on my map to make sure I would no longer ruin my life!

Viva bella Italia – I toast everyone with ice cream pistachio with salt and chocolate. Bravo! Belissimo! ❤️

Group yoga classes in Portals

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Available for the private classes.

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