Have you said Yes to yourself?

We are living in an incredible time when the energies of our planet are changing massively. We all feel it. We can’t deny it. Forgive my French(!) but the old shit which was nicely ignored for years is ready to hit the fan. The imprints – old programs which we have allowed to be downloaded in us for decades are not working anymore. The level of the mind cannot even begin to grasp it, but on the Soul level everything is understood in the realm of Love. Yesterday should be yesterday and not today. It’s time to liberate ourselves from old heavy “rubbish” which we carry all day long. It’s time now to shine brighter, spreading the light and sharing our uniqueness and greatness. The challenge of this concept is to become fully aware of the “rubbish” inside. How often do we repeat the voice of a parent, a husband, a wife, a teacher, a friend, even society? How often do we inherit dreams, thought forms, feelings? Where do we exist? Do we give time to ourselves, pausing before saying yes or no? Do we dare to say what we really want? Do we learn to listen our own body? Do we know our body at all!? Do we have the courage to be true to ourselves?
Spiritual practice gives us the answers if we listen without agenda. Instead of drowning in the waves of an incredible change we can start riding them by listening to our breath, our body, our feelings, our voice. Through daily practice we create the energy to be strong, flexible, open, present and become capable to handle changes with an open heart from the place of love, acceptance and gratitude. Yoga is more than ever a necessary survival and thriving tool in this incredible time. The more we say yes to ourselves, the more we peel away any remaining veils obscuring our uniqueness. It’s time to shine even brighter!
There are no classes from the 14th till the 24th of September as I will be in Italy and Latvia.

Yoga group classes
Monday 18.00 -19.30 All levels are welcome
Wednesday 18.00 -20.00 intermediate level
Friday 9.00 -11.00 All are welcome❤️
Private classes are available ❤️

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