Super girls just fly!

My students are my inspirational breath, my light, my grace. These Supergirls are doing something extraordinary by being so committed to exploring their potential for total well-being, and are living proof that age is just a number which is not supposed to be used as an excuse! Yoga helps us retrieve our inner peace and let go of a busy negative mindset which contributes to imbalances of energy associated with tiredness, moodiness or even disease. Beauty is found in eyes which express an open heart that just can’t be replicated with any cosmetic intervention.
Yoga is a path for the heart and soul.
Yoga is asking us to know, to feel, to invest in ourselves. Our body is the materialised expression of the Soul. If something hurts on the physical level and it’s not from any obvious physical overexertion, trauma or biochemical toxicity, then it’s the way our Soul speaks to us. Maybe it’s time to slow down and really tune in so we can finally heal and become whole, connecting all the parts of our Soul which have been lost in past traumas too difficult to handle fully originally. Now it’s time. We are stong and we can face it. We can let go and move forward when we choose to.
Yoga teaches us to stay present with a big open heart, focus on our breath and listen to our Soul, our inner Universe. Sometimes it can be intense – actually birth is intense but it’s also very beautiful!!
Come and join us.
Monday classes are only 90 min and welcome everyone 18.00 – 19.30
Wednesday class is 2 hours for the back. Intermediate students 18.00-20.00
Friday class is attention to whole system of our body 9.00-11.00 for all levels.
Love to everyone,xxxxx

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