Soul needs only Love

We have all had a few little dramas in our lives in the style of the TV soap Santa Barbara, until one beautiful day we wake up with the realisation we don’t want to allow anymore self-destructive programs and instead we choose to create, explore, discover, grow something beautiful, loving and wonderful. This is the day when the journey of self-realisation begins. Everything which was a big deal in the past, these days becomes a great foundation for wisdom, strength and transformation. We just grow up and become strong. Suddenly everything becomes crystal clear and waves of gratitude embrace the past, present and future. According to our ego, Angels cause us unnecessary pain, yet they actually come to show us where we need to be healed from within. The linear mind which is full of files stored from the past with associated projected future files according to our unique interpretations of events, has a hard time grasping this concept. The heart and Soul, being plugged into infinite wisdom from Source see the beauty, synchronicity and perfection of the Divine dance of Life. The Soul can embrace everything with Love and Gratitude and can look into the eyes of a person who our ego thinks hurt us and say, “I am sorry you behaved this way. It may be that our Souls made some agreement and I dont need to understand everything right now, but I know only good will come of this. Thank you”❤️
We are all one, belonging to the circle of Love and Light.
Yoga classes Portals Monday, Wednesday 18.00-20.00, Friday 9.00-11.00. Available for private classes. Love and Joy to all!

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