Mama Mia, Bella Italia part 2❤️

The italian language its another beauty to anyone’s ears : Mama mia, Cau bella, crema di piselli e zucchine con olio extravergine di oliva, the last one by the way is my favourite lunch- soup of peas and zucchini. Just listen to the name of it and you with huge smile already will be transformed to the world of Magnificence. Italy is a gastronomic heaven on earth for me. Total truth.

There are no rules in this country, everyone does what they want. The only unspoken rule is do it from your heart! Police guy can drop the post and ask you out, explaining that today he is working but tomorrow he would like to show you beautiful Italia, the booked taxi driver can forget to pick you up from hotel, someone could steal the bag from your hands ( exhale, the bag has an ordinary rubbish!). All is possible in Bella Italia.

Many years ago I saw a movie where italian driver was explaining that red light is a suggestion and yellow is a decoration. Well, i couldn’t believe it but its another incredible True! Sometimes unpatiently I use this non written rule and you know what the drivers doesn’t make any noice!!! They were stopping their cars and smiled at me: ” Mama mia, cao Bella!!!” (please, never do it, its really really wrong!), but like the guide told me I have passed the test, I survived in Rome! By the way its the country where everyone loves smart cars (I am driving one these days) , i haven’t seen sooo many smart cars in one city, but it wouldn’t be Italy if they just drive ordinary Smart cars. All Smart cars pumped up to Brabus and cabrio with special painting and flashing bits. They parked everywhere on pavements, sideways and of course usual way as we park.

I confess Italy put a spell on me. Its the place to where I want to come back again and again and I will.

Its a country where everyone celebrating the glory of life every single day and live like never before playfully, gracefully, beautifully with open heart, love and ease.

It captured my Soul forever and left my heart wide open. Bella Italia thank you I will be back! Tesoro Italia, ci vediamo presto❤️❤️❤️❤️

Practice with me!

Group yoga classes in Portals.

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