Mama mia, Bella Italia!

Part 1.
I fell in love like never before, profoundly and forever with all my heart and Soul, crying from the beauty of Italia Romantica. This is a country where Divine Beauty, Art, Love and Glory blossoms everywhere. It’s the place of marvellous music and dance. Poetry appears in every stone, while the delightfully romantic Italian language perfumes the air. Multiple thousands of tourists enjoy gelado, pizza, pasta and more pasta. How on earth do the Italians stay slim? Rome was quite a hot + 38, but as I am well trained by the Mallorcan humid +30, the dry heat of Rome was manageable even without an italian hat (ironically found on my last day!) and a million fountains of pure sparkling or still drinking water next to the Coliseum also provided relief. I had never seen so many people in one place, although maybe there was a similar sized crowd in a football stadium in Portugal for a Benefica Porto match. In Rome people are everywhere day and night, wondering inside narrow Italian streets with GPS systems often not working due to the thick ancient walls. Families and individuals were all admiring the various passionate and lavish tributes to life’s glorious beauty. I believe everything that Italians touch transforms into something majestic which appropriately reflects their whole life style.
Supposedly there is no time to sleep or eat, yet they can drop everything and stop in the middle of a journey with a bus full of people just to enjoy a cup of coffee like it’s their last one (true story by the way – they take their needs very very seriously!!!). But for me all the beauty and poetry of the architecture, history, art, music, dance is Divine food for my Soul. The Divine Beauty of Italy captured me and tears fell easily so many times as I was deeply moved by the immense Italian Beleza. How is it possible to create such magnificence everywhere? Who are these people??? My phone couldn’t count my steps anymore as 10000 steps is his limit, but obviously not for me. My beautifully strong legs gave up sending any warning signals to my brain after 24 hours as they finally got it – the owner is in a different reality and will be back in 4- 5 days! My Soul was awakening more and more, spreading wings and soaking in all the Grace and Beauty deeper and deeper like there was no tomorrow. Actually I happily lost myself in each moment of sheer Grace.

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