My perfect day!

It’s a Magical loving time for me. I feel it, see it and sense it all around me. The perfect day is coming on June 28 – my birthday! How exciting – I can’t wait for the day my Soul decided to materialise into this physical body. Wow, what an exciting journey it is! Thank you loving Universe, my Angels, my smiling world for the gift of this beautiful Life! To celebrate this magical time, I follow my heart and choose what my Soul loves the most – Divine Beauty, Love, Art, Joy and Yoga. Yes, I’m flying to Italy! There are no classes between June 30th and July 5th! I will be planting the seeds of Love, Beauty, Gratitude and Joy for my next personal New Year! I will also continue to practice the mystical practice of yoga. It often takes 5 to 10 years to understand that this a life transforming experience rather than a simple stretching routine or a nice powerful workout. From the bottom of my heart I thank you my beautiful family, my loving devoted students and glorious friends, my beautiful loving smiling world. I love you, I hug you and kiss you! Love and Gratitude to all around in all directions!
Yoga group classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Available for private classes. Practice with me!😘😘😘😘

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