Thank you. I love you.

There are many different paths of awakening which lead to the Soul, Divine Love and Light. All of us are the daughters and sons of Divine Creation. Let’s remind ourselves that whenever we look into the mirror we are looking into the eyes of Divine Creation and when we look into the eyes of other people, we are looking at all Divine daughters and sons. We came here to love, to receive love and to be love. The Soul learns and grows from all aspects of Divine Creation. For me, all my challenging learning experiences I see as sacred too. We are all given the power to heal our past right now by offering healing love, forgiveness and gratitude to our younger self with an all embracing loving whisper, “You are ok, I am always here with you”. Let’s drop our armour and soak up Divine Love and Light which is all around and pouring directly into us. Everything is for us. Gratitude to everyone and everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yoga group classes Monday, Wednesday 18.00-20.00, Friday 9.00-11.00

Available for private classes.

Thank you.

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