Trust the Universe.

Trust the Universe.

We are where we are supposed to be and we have everything we need for today. What’s around us is our choice and a continuation of us.

So let’s relax, slow down, enjoy and be grateful for this beautiful moment and know in our heart we are loved, guided, supported and protected. Sometimes our old programs inhibit the clarity of the Soul. Let’s stay focused on our dreams and never betray them. Let’s stop kidding ourselves and the Universe that we are not deserving the best from this life. Let’s show the world how to treat us as we express our uniqueness and our Divine nature. What are we looking for? If we are looking for love, then let’s give love first. If we are looking for success, then let’s help others be successful.

Yesterday was yesterday and today is today – a new perfect day. Know it, feel it, see it, create it. Love in all directions.

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