Our body is a vibrational field unified in the circle of Light.

Recently with everything that’s going on in the world, many of us felt and maybe still feel heaviness and less energy from the informational field. Some of us froze a little as it seemed as if all life was on hold.
Our body is full of vibrant potential. It’s an energy source. When we are stressed, tensed, drawn into a lower vibration, lost in the past or the future, then energy is not freely circulating in us and we lose life force by maintaining and feeding the trauma blockages within. If water stops circulating in a lake it will become a swamp. If energy is not circulating in the human body, it becomes as stagnant as a swamp. Life is movement. Movement with full awareness creates energy and life blossoms.
Essential tools are available to help us feel vibrant and alive, like Breath, Sunshine and Water – lots of Water. We don’t need as much food as we think sometimes so it’s a good plan to drink water to see if that’s what is needed more than food in that moment. We need to breathe fully, consciously (pranayama) connecting to Source and receiving what we need in that moment. Breath, Sunshine and Water are energy. Sometimes food is taken not to fulfill our physical needs, but rather to cover emotional scars. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins – happy hormones come from movement, sun, sea, human connection – not from cakes or alcohol or dubious pharmaceutical drugs. 
Yoga, mindful movement, magical bodywork called Rolfing can help us open a new chapter in our life. Through the awareness of breath, connection to the body, we are moving our energy, removing our stifness and pain, opening ourselves to something greater than we are. 
Occasionally we need help from someone else. The Rolfing method of Structural Integration was created by biochemist and bodywork pioneer Ida Rolf. This deep tissue release and reorganising of fascia not only helps to remove pain from joints and muscles but it can also give freedom from lingering past conditions and unconscious programs or traumas. 
Many people experience it as a life changing therapy. Bookings are available now with Christopher – 679511513. 
It’s your time to shine and embrace your full potential. 

Yoga bookings are essential for group classes. 
Attention please, our Friday class is now at 9.00 – 11.00.
As always I’m also available for private classes. 

Love to all, my Beautiful Sweethearts and Loving Angels.

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