There are a million reasons to be grateful. The world is loving us and smiling at us all the time. We are never alone with so much protection and loving support around us from Angels, ancestors and maybe other helpers too. Our life is constant proof of this. We were born without anything and yet somehow we received everything we need. One of the amazing gifts which has been given to us is our beautifully designed body. This is an astonishing kingdom of energy working 24/7 for us. Let’s take a moment and recognise how rich we are, with around 37 trillion cells working for us right now! Unfortunately some of us take this gift for granted. By neglecting to be one step ahead of our health, the body can start to seriously break down, and then some of us even start complaining about that. Well, it might be difficult to hear this, but it’s time to pay attention and take responsibility! Bring awareness to daily life: what kind of food are we putting inside our body, mind and Soul? One of the first steps in growing up to become a creator is to build a strong habit pattern of gratitude in our minds. Visualise it like it’s an imprinted chip in our consciousness. Gratitude Always, for everything and everyone. If there is any doubt then just Trust as we often forget what agreements our Souls may have made with each other before coming into this world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As always love from my Heart to everyone.
Yoga group classes Monday and Wednesday 18.00 – 20:00. Friday 10.00 – 12.00.
And as always I am available for private classes.
Thank you😘

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