Live with open eyes and gratitude!

Yoga teaches us to be true to ourselves: to stay present when we would rather escape, to breathe deeply when we are in discomfort and to have an open heart that gives and receives love. We can slowly introduce healthier daily habits for our physical body while reducing self-destructive habits. When we change the body, the brain follows, and vice verse. So next time a stranger is rude to us, we can stop the urge to react from the ego’s perspective and instead allow a sense of compassion and love towards this stranger who may well have all kinds of reasons to be fearful and angry. The more we practice this the more the neurological patterns begin to form the habit of seeing the bigger picture, rather than being triggered into that poor old me narrative again. When we are feeling sadness we sometimes might want to cosy up on the sofa with chocolate, apple pie or biscuits! This is not hunger but an emotional discomfort which we have to face. When we are tired, we can practice pranayama, mediation or falling asleep if that’s what feels right, but let’s not grasp for a glass of wine! There are so many hidden treasures of potential inside every one of us. Let’s love and appreciate ourselves so that the eyes start to see beyond our usual blinkered vision into a world where we are all powerful beings of Love and Light. Love and Gratitude to all, XXXXX😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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