What are you waiting for ?

What are we waiting for?

The moment we start totally believing in ourselves we become free and unstoppable. The more we can let go of victim consciousness the more we can release our full potential. I think most of us at some point or another have blamed something or someone else for being wrong, rather than taking any of the blame or responsibility. Then we might wait for someone to come to the rescue while curling up on the sofa, reminiscent of a scene straight out of the kindergarten playbook. When we choose to truly believe in ourselves we become wild and unbeatable, creators of our own reality! Yoga mirrors our personality and thought patterns. It’s not the handstand we conquer, but ourselves. Every time we feel resistance to practice, let’s remind ourselves what we are doing – we are moving beyond the visible physical body into energetic reorganisation. Practicing backbending we might acknowledge some lingering resentment or bitterness around the heart, so we then might prefer to cultivate greater love towards ourselves and towards others. Doing handstands and chaturangas we are tapping into our inner power and in opening the hips we are becoming free from anxieties and fears which may have been blocking the manifestation of our true desires. Yoga is one of the great ways to know ourselves and become free from the multitude of subtle and not so subtle unconscious conditioning. Practicing yoga means loving oneself and all of life. Love to all😘😘😘😘😘

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