Listen to your body!

Listen to your body.

I believe you first need to know your body to genuinely hear it.Your body can crave something sweet maybe not because it’s a real biochemical need, but maybe because you are missing a certain type of protein, or maybe there is an emotional lack of sensing the sweetness of life within so you look for sweetness in the form of food, or maybe it’s some type of bacteria, fungus, worm etc. inside you sending your mind signals about its sugar devouring needs. So there are plenty of reasons why you could be thinking you need this little piece of cake, but it might not be authentic hunger. If you are actually hungry for a snack you will eat a piece of fruit or something similar. If there is a lot of indecision about what you need then it’s possible you are dehydrated so water is the answer. Fasting is a great way to break food addiction patterns and start to tune into what your body actually needs. 24 to 30 hours on water will reset your system. You occasionally restart your computer, phone and electrics so why not your body? One of my students fasts for 21 days. It’s the most powerful experience I have ever observed. And nope, she is not sitting on the beach soaking the sun and meditating on the sound of the waves! She is a mother with 4 kids which in my book is a major full time job without holidays or breaks.
What about yoga? Yes, there are days you are tied and can’t move. I know these challenging days, especially when I am in India when after 4 or 5 hours practice my legs won’t move and I just can’t walk the fifteen minutes back home! Luckily a yoga pal would drop me off on a scooter 🤣🤣. The next day I am on my yoga mat, Tony Robbins style (“no negotiating!”) with no option B to skip the practice. There is only practice and I am the master of my body, not the other way around, even though I said earlier you need to really hear the body! Whether it’s practice with fire in your belly or slow and gentle, tasty with love and compassion, it’s still practice and a minimum of 2 hours daily. There is no other option! So yes, listen and hear your body if you actually know it. If you experience fasting, if you have made devotional practice for 10 or more years, or you are an Olympic type athlete, then yes, you know your body and you can listen properly. Wishing you all joy in pushing the boundaries of mind and body! Have a great practice! Love you all!!!!

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