Home retreat


I have often told myself that I would love to practice yoga 24/7, and Yepp, as always dreams can come true! The Universe heard me😂😂😂. For the last few weeks I have been practicing, researching and teaching online. My whole day is immersed in all things yoga. I am lucky to be able to lose myself and also find myself in this passion. I am fascinated by the magic complexity of everything that makes us human: the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. It makes me humble and very grateful to know that the Divinely connected Soul inhabits a temporary physical body in order to experience this physical reality. I am reminded to make sure I love and care for myself. Sometimes practical things like monthly bills come to test my mind, but I remember to trust the Universe by telling myself everything will be taken care of. I remind myself that this is a precious time which must be used wisely. Realisations enter my consciousness of what’s working and what’s missing in my life. Life is too short to live inside somebody else’s ideas and expectations, so I choose to listen to my inner voice which says that Love is the answer to all questions and that it’s important to love oneself in perfection or imperfection, successful or unsuccessful, beautiful or not so beautiful. I keep that mantra in my heart. We can use this time at home as an awesome transformational retreat, remembering the truth of being a perfect creation of the Divine plan. Love to all of us, xxxxxxx😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
























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