Divine blessings


We are living in interesting times. The universe asks us to sit and reflect. We have free will to choose this as a blessing or as a curse. For me there is always a solution and a blessing in anything that life offers up. I made a decision to see this as a blessing and an opportunity to finally finish 500 pages of an anatomy book which usually acts on me like a sleepy pill. I also practice twice a day now which constantly brings me peace and happiness. I will clear my mind to write a yoga manual based on my personal experience. Honestly I love this time of creation, inspiration and realisation. What I don’t embrace is the low vibration of fear which creeps into my consciousness like weeds. I recognise these moments and do what I have to do, which is practice, focus and surrender. I pray. I believe that sharing the high vibrations of Love and Peace will help us all during this unusual time. Sending you Love and Light from my heart💓
The classes are held online by WhatsApp and Skype during these days of lockdown.
Pranayama 10.00-11.00 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 20 euro per week.
Vinyasa class at 18.00 till 20.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.








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