Authentic priorities!


Year after year I see the same pattern emerge in new yoga students. Initially there is very obvious enthusiasm and curiosity which is soon damped down with the realisation that this yoga thing requires dedication, commitment and patience. They then disappear for weeks or longer. Some Souls recognise what a powerful transformation tool it is and they keep coming back. Yoga requires continuing commitment to the evolution of the Soul and rather like any relationship, we can’t expect to contact our girlfriend/boyfriend once a month and seriously believe that’s enough time to develop sufficient depth and union. But living in this world where we are told one pill can fix most things instantly, we expect yoga will do the same trick today or even better, yesterday! Practicing once a week is a physical pain and often frustrating. So each time that voice of resistance bubbles up and says there are more important things to do than going to the yoga mat, remember the commitment and intention towards the deep and authentic priorities in life’s journey. Observing how much energy and time is given so easily to distractions like TV, shopping and so on, might be helpful in reassessing priorities. Time is precious and fortunately Yoga practice can be as short as15 minutes every day and is a far better strategy than a 2 hour intensive workshop once a month. It’s important to use the full amount of time available to submerge into the totality of yoga; the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Finding the time for daily yoga is an investment and confirmation of sufficient loving self-respect that will enable the unfolding of many layers of long term benefits for the Soul and for those around us.

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