Authentic happiness!


Authentic happiness! It’s an unsettling sensation when the mind believes something is lacking. We then find ourselves searching for external information, things, people, events to fill up the perceived void. Society and certain businesses support and exploit the concept that happiness will be ours once we get the latest version of i phone for example. City life tends to give us the impression that successful people attend several meetings every day, creating new prospects for future sales and maintaining existing clients. All that feels so alien to me! I believe that unnecessary events, material things and certain people take away precious energy and time which dilute our focus and evolution. One genuine heart to heart meeting a day beats several superficial and quick meetings where excessive unnecessary stuff just creates distracting dust in the consciousness. That which we love brings authentic happiness, whereas pandering to and worshipping superficial needs tends to provide an illusion of success and fleeting happiness. Minimalism provides more space for permanently digesting and fully incorporating authentic truths. So in situations where the mind is totally sucked into social norms and is ranting on about this and that nonsense, it’s a good plan to listen to the heart and act accordingly! Life is so precious right now; we just need to feel it 100%!! Foto credit F: Irina Pietrowa, I @fortuna23264


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