In the circle of Love and Light


My ideal way of having fun is to practice yoga all day long from 5 am till 5 pm. I am drawn to the invisible sweetness that yoga gives me. Somewhere in the middle of practice I find myself in a place where nothingness rules. There is stillness in my mind and connection with my Soul. I am everything and nothing. I allow the merging of energies within me and around me in order to join the great circle of Love and Light. I sense materialised energy blocks and I learn to listen and stay with them until they dissolve. I am hungry for freedom from all limitations. I believe we are here to experience our full potential through learning to free ourselves. Sometimes I want to jump out of an asana when it feels like I am in the middle of a hot pan, but I whisper nicely to myself to stay. Sometimes I pray silently or sometimes I swear. I do whatever it takes to stay with the asana. Through yoga we can reach a sensation of lightness, freedom and peace which is so overwhelming we just want to touch it over and over again. The more we practice yoga, the closer we get to the circle of Love and Light.


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