Emotional fire!


Buddha statues all over the world give the impression that yoga and meditation will bring a sweet smile of tranquility. The inconvenient reality is that inner peace isn’t always easy to achieve as long as unresolved negativity like frustration and anger continue to bubble up to the surface. Some people welcome this challenge while others decide that yoga or meditation is not for them. For those of us who choose to hit the pause button in order to investigate our inner world through yoga and meditation, the rewards can be great. We are much deeper than we sometimes give ourselves credit for, with layers of emotions which will at some point bubble up to the surface through yoga. All the stuff we may have boxed up and ignored for a while or even a lifetime can come up. It’s important to understand that unresolved issues eat us up, consuming vital energy. Dr Bruce Lipton calculates that we have around 70 trillion volts of energy inside us, so wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to use all that constructively!! By comprehending that our unresolved ‘stuff’ has literally become materialised negativity, we can begin the process of letting go so the unconsciously constructed burdens become lighter and we start to feel a greater sense of total well-being with less reliance on the various superficial addictive distractions we are accustomed to. Yoga is a self-inquiry and self-responsibility discipline. It’s not supposed to be easy or nice, it’s supposed to transform and evolve us whatever it takes. Embracing emotional fire rather than suppressing it out of fear or judgement can release limitations which block our potential as fully sentient human beings.

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