Perfectionism can become a stick with which we might then use to beat ourselves up to block the doorway of our dreams. It’s unhelpful and unkind to our Soul when this happens. The truth is we are constantly progressing (even if it’s two steps forward one step back) and becoming better and better in what we are practicing on a daily basis. Taking up ballet doesn’t necessarily mean we suddenly have another Anna Pavlova among us, but 10 to 20 years of regular practice will likely create a significant level of expertise and grace. The old cliché that a long journey starts with persistent small steps does seem to be true! A couple of days ago I met a yoga student I hadn’t seen for ages and she was telling me she had really enjoyed my yoga classes back when I first started teaching. I was surprised and grateful to hear that as she came to the first class I ever taught. At that time I had been practicing daily yoga for a couple years when some friends I met in a massage course asked me to teach them. Why not, I told myself. I didn’t have an actual certificate, but I already felt  I knew enough worth sharing. That moment changed my Life and I never looked back. Two months later I bought a  ticket to Thailand where my first teacher Paul Dallaghan certified me as a yoga teacher. Then I decided to go to India every year to continue my education in yoga. These past 8 years or so have been awesome and when I look back I can see how far this journey has taken me in my personal practice and in my teaching. It’s never been ‘perfect’ but I always give 100% of my heart and my intention. It’s a nasty trap to fall into wasting time and energy by comparing ourselves with others or assessing our progress through the eyes of another. We should be like flowers who blossom and shine together with our unique beauty. Let’s step through that doorway to blossom and shine together?!

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