Diving deeper!


54278571_10218144594356933_2825971030592323584_n.jpgYoga is a practice of body, mind, emotional and spiritual integration. It goes beyond muscles, bones and ligaments. It’s not an ego game or some fancy stretching or even fun exercise. It’s about the oneness of body and Soul. Breath is the transient and the most important part of the practice. During yoga practice the mind is redirected temporarily inwards so we can sense, touch with our heart and feel the invisible reality. We are tasting the sense of bliss, peace and pure love within and around. The asanas which we are finally able to master after 5 to 10 years of regular practice are really a bonus to the more meaningful gifts of yoga which go way beyond the realm of physicality: We open the back to let go of the past, we open the shoulders to say goodbye to the emotional baggage of this lifetime and maybe more, we open our arms to give and receive more freely, we stretch our legs and step forward more confidently in life, we open the hips to let go of the fear of being here and to living life fully. Let’s acknowledge and feel the true gifts of Yoga!

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