Broken Heart


Broken hearts seems to be part of life. I remember my first broken heart when I was 18. The perfect romantic world which I had constructed in my mind’s eye was suddenly destroyed. All at once I found myself with shallow breath, standing on the ruins of my perceived idealism. I was frozen for a couple of months trying to understand why this happened to me? Eventually a eureka moment arrived not so much in my mind, but in my core being: anything without ‘foundation’ is inherently unstable and vulnerable to destruction. I had never allowed the foundation of me to develop, so I wasn’t yet a grounded and balanced human! Shock! This new awareness washed away the self pity as I moved forward with baby steps. I redirected all energies to my inner development and potential. Moving through the mud of pain I rediscovered Light. It turned out that my broken heart was a blessing. As light shines through a broken pot, so too does it shine through a human heart. Yoga was a massive part of this turning point as it helped transform the landscape of my consciousness. With new bright eyes I began to perceive an awesome colourful world full of joy and opportunity! Gratitude to God for giving me not what I want but what I need. Love to all!

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