Meeting with the Soul


Yesterday my muscles were hurting after intense practice but I know when I skip yoga even for one day then my Soul hurts. I miss the meeting with Higher Consciousness which yoga brings. Yoga is the connection between invisible and visible: your Soul, mind and body. While everybody is different, we all fundamentally respond to fear and pain with similar biochemical reactions along with contraction and tension. If we are in love we feel expansive emotionally and physically. Through daily yoga practice I learn about the tricks my mind plays and I feel like I’m gradually letting my Soul shine through the sometimes messy activity in the mental plane. It’s a synchronous unwinding of physical tension while feeling the presence of Source as the mind chatter is silenced. Sometimes I feel a sort of sparkling moment in the physical plane and I observe how much I am able to let go off me when the impossible suddenly becomes possible after months or even years of practice. It brings an indescribable sense of Joy and Freedom to my Soul. I wish everybody a joyful connection with mind, body and Soul!


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