God lives in the heart!


I regard the cracks in my life as blessings for me. Thanks to them I dive deep within to reconnect with Light, Love and God in my heart! My devotion to Spirituality makes me wake up at 4 am, come to the yoga Shala at 5.00 am and leave at 11.00 am. I practice, then assist my teacher Vinay Kumar (it’s an honour and a blessing for me this year) and I finish my morning with a pranayama class. At 3 pm I am back for the second practice. That’s my Sadhana for 6 days a week for 2 months in India. My sweetheart 82 year old student asked me how many people practice with me in India? I said when it’s high season it can be up to 300 students from all over the world. “What? 300 crazy like you?” and we both cracked up with hysterical laughter. I understand that for some it’s an impossible concept and maybe not even necessary. For me it’s my devotional path. The fruit of the practice is Love and Light. May we all have God in our hearts. What are you devoted to?

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