One Heart One Love


Since a young age I have always been curious to see beyond what we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. My hunger for spiritual knowledge pushed me to search for teachers and books for my Soul. I have always known we are somehow connected with the stars and the moon and when I finally met yoga (or yoga met me!) it felt like a karmic point in my life, as everything began to become clear. I use my yoga practice like a prayer to open my heart to love, forgiveness and joy. All important events in my life feel like a cosmic dance, choreographed between Source and Soul in order to evolve, help and be helped and experience maximum love and joy. I believe we all agreed to the unique conditions we are born into on planet Earth. We are all one creation from one Source with no separations, just unique vibrations. Our beating hearts sing from the one Heart and one Love. Yoga opens us up to the graceful power of the one Love while bringing more peace to the Soul.

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