We are powerful but distracted


I strongly believe we all have the potential to evolve into the most expansive and authentic version of ourselves so we can then fulfill our heartfelt dreams. We possess all the tools, but distractions can limit our progress. We need to devote ourselves to the discipline of spiritual practice in order to bring harmony between body, mind and spirit. As time goes by we become better and better at it, trust me! In my experience, the path of Yoga heals the soul and makes the heart soar like an eagle! It’s very important to have a heart to heart connection between student and teacher in order to reach the depths of the Soul. Trying different teachers might be necessary until we find the right one, but then we have to stay, as we will never find water in the ground by digging a little bit here and there, making 1000 holes. However, if we dig long enough in one place then we will have a good chance of finding a reservoir. And so it is with spiritual practice. Now it’s my healing time in India; tears merge with sweat on the mat, cleansing every corner of my being. My gratitude and devotion beyond words to my family, teacher, and students who make this happen. I am in a space of Love and Light. Anyone out there practicing too?

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