A Magic formula for 2023!

depth, acceptance, self-inquiry, light, ease, gratitude, always choosing love and following our dreams.

Depth –

Applying 100% focus on something with all our heart and Soul. Rather than wasting time and space in the mind with multiple diplomas in different fields and not knowing anything completely, we can do as the Buddhists do and practice something for at least 10 years before knowing if something really works or not.

Acceptance –

Stopping the inner battle of excessive self-critiscism as we are all worthy and complete since the day we were born. It’s a cliché but it’s true, we get back what we put out. For example, we receive more love by giving love. Embracing oneself and everyone else just feels perfect!

Self-inquiry –

To be fulfilled we need to know ourselves. Confirming our deepest passions on a daily basis provides clarity for the universe to reflect accurately back to us, ultimately fulfilling our deepest dreams.

Light –

Opening ourselves to the frequency of Light by praying more, chanting more, reading holy scriptures etc. There is so much more to enjoy in our world than just the physical aspects.

Ease –

Trying hard involves excess effort without grace. Thinking and acting with ease doesn’t mean we give up any easier, but actually brings us to our destination faster and the whole process just feels right.

Gratitude –

What if we start our sentences with thank you, in every situation? For example, it’s easy to say, “Thank you for attending our meeting so we can create an extraordinary project together” and it’s also possible to say, “Thank you for not attending our meeting as I now have extra time to myself to clear my mind”.

Love –

The most powerful ingredient of all is love. Flowers blossom with the love frequency, attracting bees and other life forms, including humans. When we sprinkle love wherever we go, magic happens and people start smiling at us and want to be around us.

Following our dreams –

Our Soul urge is to evolve and develop its full potential and its language is at the level of feeling. By slowing down and listening into the the silence, we can all hear it and feel it. The more we move in the direction of the Soul’s choosing, the more we will be supported by the forces of the Cosmos. My Soul journey is definitely along the yoga path and several people recognised my passion and came to my classes before I even became an official yoga teacher. I am forever grateful to these beautiful Souls because it helped my confidence and resolve to go to Thailand for my first diploma and then India to continue my yoga education.

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