It’s one of my favourite times of the year!

Christmas and New year are coming! Tangerines, chocolate, Christmas trees and snowflakes are everywhere. Lights, jolly jingle bell type songs and magic are in the air. It’s time to slow down, reflect with gratitude on the year behind us, accept everything we can’t change and open the heart and Soul for new beginnings, new miracles. For this wonderful Christmas I wish for myself and everyone else to see, hear, connect and feel each other, touching the depth and truth of the Soul. It’s a

wonderful time to remind ourselves of our inner truth. When our dreams become reality they must be congruent with how we feel within otherwise happiness will not last very long. May happiness, love, fairytales, magic, beauty, gratitude, peace always grow in our hearts. On the 30th of December I invite my students and others to create a heartfelt energy where only love and kindness reign. We will smile, hug, chant, make a magical ritual saying goodbye to 2022 and welcoming 2023. We will listen to transformational meditation and write all our dreams to ourselves and the Cosmos. Everyone is welcome. Contact me for more details.

Merry Christmas my Angels and Happy New year 2023!

Group yoga classes in Portals.

Available for the private classes.

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