Acceptance. Gratitude. Trust.

Acceptance, Gratitude, Trust.
After much meditation and yoga practice I finally came to a realisation which I would love to share. This realisation has reformed my mantra to ‘Acceptance, Gratitude and Trust’. My younger self was always needing some improvement, attention and control. We are are all supposed to feel complete in our state of pure being, yet the grass is always greener on the other side, right? Acceptance and gratitude to everyone and everything around us is often a challenging concept and the monkey mind can find many reasons to wish for things to be different. What if we step out of the habitual patterns to accept oneself and everyone else as we are and practice gratitude. So many people practice this and enjoy a more harmonious reality. 
The control issue many of us seem to have represses the voice of the heart and our intuition. We get stuck in a mind derived algorithm which denies potential magic and unexpected joy manifesting in our life. So what if we just let go off this grip, tightness in our jaw and shoulders, what if we just exhale and trust our Divine Spirit. We don’t need to consciously control the functions our physical body which keep us ticking. For example right now we are probably not even conscious of the movement of our ribs as we inhale and exhale. Life supports us, the Universe loves us and it does so constantly, night and day. We are all always loved. 
Let’s join together in trust with our Divine Spirit, looking up to the stars, connecting to the earth and feeling Divine protection, guidance and love.
May all beings be joyful and free. Love and Light Beautiful people ❤️🙏

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