Hello Sweet December!

When I was 18 I wrote a letter to the cosmos in which I requested a life on an island where the sun shines every day. Well, that dream has come true as I am living on an island where the sun is always shining, but sometimes clouds are in the way for a few months!

December is one of those months when I have to focus on generating sunshine from the inside. I choose what my mind will focus on, what type of emotions I will feel and what my state of being will be like. It’s simply my way of thriving in a world which seems to be travelling along at formula 1 speeds. When I follow these protocols I increase my happy and loving hormones:

1) Daily meditation, yoga practice and pranayama.  

2) Drink a lot of celery juice, lemon ginger tea, eat a ton of tangerines and lots of spicy pumpkin soup. 

3) Study, read, create projects. Creating makes us feel connected to Source and makes our wings open with joy. 

4) Stay close to loved ones, give and receive as many hugs and kisses as possible, love myself, my loved ones, the cosmos. Grab and squeeze a cat with love and appreciation, and If You don’t have one, treat yourself and adopt a kitten of happiness as soon as you can! Write a journal of gratitude daily. 

5) Choose to watch plenty of sweet, cheesy and cozy movies. Laugh a lot, dance a lot simply to celebrate life. 

6) Light up the home with Christmas tree lights, candles, a crackling fire. The more the merrier!

Celebrate this winter season with the magic we create with our thoughts, emotions and actions. Be the magic! Always love ourselves as much as we love others!

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